- Why ASAP and what is an accredited apartment? -

The ASAP is a not for-profit association established in 2002 to represent the views of a small number of Serviced Apartment Operators in the UK. Since then we have grown rapidly and currently have 123 members, including 15 agents and 27 sponsor partners.

  • ASAP is the key industry body representing the serviced apartment sector in the UK and Ireland.
  • ASAP’s members are both serviced apartment operators as well as serviced apartment agencies.
  • ASAP’s members operate in every major city in the UK and Ireland.
  • ASAP’s members range from large international companies to small independent operators so we truly represent the full cross-section of the industry in the UK.

In a very friendly and inclusive way, our members play an active part in the development and direction of the Association.
There are two main categories of ASAP membership each with their own roles to play within the organisation. These categories are explained in brief below, for full details click on the individual links to find out about how you can become a member, support the ASAP and grow your business in the ever-competitive market place.
ASAP provides information and comment to journalists on all aspects of the serviced apartment sector. We also give the latest comment and information on sector news to journalists. The press team covers the news 24/7 and we are on hand to answer your questions.

Quality Assessment
ASAP has introduced an in-house quality assessment process designed to ensure core compliance of legal, health & safety requirements and good practice as well as a measurement and comparison of quality.

Each operator wishing to become a quality accredited member of ASAP is required to participate in the Quality Assessment programme and successfully achieve accreditation.
The programme focuses on core requirements and measures the success of delivery.

Core Requirements

  • A fire risk assessment will be available for each property
  • Information will be available on accessibility and mobility restrictions
  • Each operator will have public & employer’s liability Insurance
  • Where applicable there will be a landlord’s gas safe certificate
  • All portable electrical appliances will be inspected regularly
  • Fire blankets will be provided and wall mounted in the kitchen area
  • At least one smoke alarm will be available in the property and regularly checked
  • Carbon Monoxide testing equipment will be available if gas is used in the property
  • Lifts will be fully serviced with appropriate certification available
  • All chemicals will be stored and controlled in accordance with statutory requirements
  • The operator with have a robust health and safety policy
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