- Improve your listing -

To get the most out of your listings and ensure potential customers take notice of your properties follow our quick checklist of tips.

Address Details
Make sure that the “Geocode Location” map setting exactly matches the real location of the property.  Occasionally google maps may slightly misplace the marker location when it searches for your property.  You can manually correct the marker position by clicking on the map once it has returned an initial position based on your search text.



Property Description fields
This setting contains the description of your property.   It is vital that this text is easy to read and formatted correctly.  If you are copy/pasting the text from another program on your computer you may find that the formatting is lost once pasted into this property.  If that happens take the time to reformat, adding adequate paragraphs and line returns.  It is very unlikely that a potential customer will read a large amount of description if it all appears unformatted in a single paragraph.

Adding details about the local area followed by a description of the apartment is best practice to give potential clients the best view of your property.  If you have unique features in the apartments then please ensure that you mention them here e.g Balcony apartments, private terraces, on site cafes etc.

The next setting, the property “short description” should be a concise version of the main description field just completed.  Don’t just copy the main description by chopping it off after a few 100 characters.


Cancellation Policies
We provide 4 standard policies that should meet most suppliers needs.  However if you need to enter a custom policy please ensure that this is as concise and clear as possible.   The same rules apply as with the property description field, so make sure that you reformat the text if need be after pasting something into the field from an external program on your computer.

If your original policy has bullet points in it, remove these ideally before pasting the text into the field as we will add these automatically ourselves.


Property Facilities
We provide a comprehensive list of facilities that should cover all the options that may be available within your properties.  Take the time to check as many as are relevant to improve search results and analytics of your properties.

As a minimum it is expected that you offer a weekly housekeeping service within the rates as well as all bills and utilities as a serviced apartment.

Room Types
Make sure that the descriptive “apartment type description” field is completed with something concise and self explanatory wherever possible.  If you enter something like “2 Bedroom Deluxe” then make sure the meaning of “Deluxe” is explained in your property description.

Apartment Rates

Please ensure that guide rates are added, this way when our clients are searching for an apartment , if your apartment is within their chosen budget your apartment will appear in the short line. No rate means no return on clients search.  Please also note that all rates shown above are nightly rates and are subject to local taxes. They are also a guide rate and are subject to change due to the length of booking, number of apartments booked and seasonal variations. Contact us for more details.


Ensure that the photos you upload are of the highest quality possible.  Ideally they should be around 1920 x 1080 pixels in dimension.  If they are significantly smaller than this they may look very poor when enlarged in the property details page.

Remember that we use the first image you upload to represent the property in various summary screens around the website, so that first image should be the one that best sells the property. Bathroom pictures as the main picture are not ideal. Bedroom, Balcony or Living room shots tend to perform the best.

The first three images are also used in our electronic proposals so ideally should be three different images of the apartment.



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